Decola | Creative
The Decola range offers a wide assortment of products for decorating, hobbies and creativity. 

For all types of decorative work

Paints, varnishes, liners, glues, mousses, gel pastes, sprays

The widest range of decorative acrylic

The series contains materials which can be used to decorate different surfaces using all modern techniques, from decoupage and gold-plating to mix-media.
Decola was the first set of specialized materials for applied decorative art to be developed in Russia. The materials are easy to use and blend beautifully with one another. The palette of acrylic universal paints features a plethora of hues, including glazed, matt-finished, pearlescent, metallic, fluorescent and interference (chameleon) paints. The special effect colors mix well with classic-colored paints to create additional options for decorative art. The decorative patterns are highly popular for precise painting and working on subtle details. The Decola series is for people working with non-traditional surfaces. The assortment contains special acrylic sets for fabric, silk (batik), glass, ceramics and stained glass, along with products for decoupage, gold-plating and crazing. Coatings of acrylic glaze protect decorated works from damage and add additional effects.
Glazed acrylic paint palette: 26 colors; 20 ml and 50 ml pots.
Matte acrylic paint palette: 26 colors; 20 ml and 50 ml pots.
Metallic acrylic paint palette: 13 colors; 20 ml pot.
Pearlescent acrylic paint palette: 10 colors; 50 ml pot.
Interference acrylic paint palette: 3 colors; 50 ml pot.
Fluorescent acrylic paint palette: 8 colors; 20 ml and 50 ml pots.
Glass and ceramic acrylic paint palette: 26 colors; 50 ml pot.
Fabric acrylic paint palette: 48 colors; 50 ml pot.
Batik silk acrylic paint palette: 18 colors; 50 ml pot.
Glass acrylic paint palette: 16 colors; 20 ml pot.
Acrylic contour palette for glass and ceramic: 36 colors; 18 ml tube.
Acrylic contour palette for fabric: 33 colors; 18 ml tube.
Acrylic universal contour palette: 19 colors; 18 ml tube.


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